Terms and conditions


Registration and payment of benefits professionals ESI VALFREJUS imply acceptance of the terms and conditions and terms of business benefits.
1. Instructors

All our instructors of ESI VALFREJUS hold a license to practice the teaching of skiing and its associated disciplines valid.
2. Rates

Rates of ESI VALFREJUS ski school are presented in our offices on our website, on the reservation as well as proposals on the various ski school communication documents.
The rates include the provision of education provided by the instructors of the ESI but excluded any other benefits (insurance, ski pass, equipment or transport).
For group lessons children, the medal is given to each student at the end of the education cycle.
3. Booking and payment

The benefits of booking requests taught by professionals ESI VALFREJUS are made by telephone, via our website, by email or in our office.
Any professional service booking IDE request VALFREJUS is followed by a proposal reservation established according to our availability and our organizational constraints.
A book proposal is a booking option and without full settlement of this, we We reserve the right to organize our schedules, cancel the option without notice. A book proposal can not be maintained beyond a certain time.
Only the satisfaction of all of that proposal will ensure the confirmation of your booking and a place in our courses.
 You can make payment through the various means listed below:
                             - Paybox secure certified and guaranteed online.
                               We accept credit cards: Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard.
                             - By Cheque
                             - By bank transfer to the ES IVALFREJUS (Western European Union only)
                             - By Holiday vouchers / coupons Sport
                             - Cash
4. Group lessons / Choice of delivery

Group lessons will be held open subject to a sufficient number of participants:
          - Minimum 3 students for group children / adults during the Kindergarten and snowboard lessons
          - Minimum 4 students for internship and teen group lessons noon
The smooth running of course assumes homogeneity of the level of students.
Given the inability of the instructors of the ESI VALFREJUS check the level of each of the first students, the customer is responsible for selecting the technical level it has selected, according to the grid established by ESI VALFREJUS on our website under 'facts' - assess his level'.
Enroll your children in the level to get the weekend, not in the already achieved level!

ESI VALFREJUS reserves the right to reincorporate into a group more suited to his level, the student whose level does not correspond to his declaration, and, subject to the capabilities of the other groups.
We reserve the possibility to modify the size of our within 1 to 2 participants when students are not enrolled in the courses corresponding to their level.
5. Point official appointment

Group lessons ski:
the morning for the start of the course before the ski school for the end of the current top of the gondola, at the exit to the right, instead of RDV ESI (rally signs)
In the afternoon: course start up the gondola to the assembly, completion of the course at the ski school.
We offer an extra free service if you do not get you, the kids can go up and down with our hostess!

Private tuition :
RDV always top gondola right, instead of appointment ESI (rally signs)

collective snowboard lessons: always on top of the gondola, instead of ESI appointment except during which ends in 17h: everyone comes down with the ski school monitor.
For any other place of appointment, thank you for contacting us. Note that for any change, the return trip of the monitor will count on the time of that lesson so as not to penalize the performances taking place before or after it.
All ESI monitors are blue outfits. In case of problems the No. ski school is marked on your current ticket.

6. Cancellation, modification or refund
Recreation service delivery ESI VALFREJUS are not subject to the right of withdrawal and are subject to the cancellation policy 
ESI VALFREJUS can not be held responsible for lessons cancellations for reasons beyond
his will.
ESI VALFREJUS can not be held responsible for the unavailability of a professional you have specifically requested and that will have you personally been affected first when booking.
ESI VALFREJUS will replace the monitor to permit the delivery and no refund can not be claimed.
In the case where the monitor could not be replaced, refund or postponement will be offered.
ESI VALFREJUS reserves the right to change with or without notice any program, according to weather or safety conditions, without any of the participants can not claim any refund.

A refund or postponement will be offered in the absence or delay of monitor.

For non snow leading to the complete closure of the station, ESI VALFREJUS will reimburse you place on having during the closing period only. A proposal to postpone the current season you will also be offered, as far as possible.
This condition does not apply to the partial closure of the station, allowing the realization of the services requested, or if we provide courses in a nearby station (free transport by ESI)
7. Have

Your voucher is valid only on the current season and is automatically canceled at the end of it.
Using your have can be done in a low season period.


8. Insurance

The rates for services of ESI VALFREJUS do not include personal insurance clients.
Professionals ESI VALFREJUS are covered by liability insurance.
ESI VALFREJUS can not be held responsible for non client insurance.
- We propose insurance leisure sports card '(MMW - The Company Sports)
- You can buy 'Carré Neige' together with your package (ask for the ski pass)
- With some VISA you are automatically insured
Each customer must ensure that he is covered by insurance which covers risks related to the practice of the activity corresponding to the service booked.

9. Lifts

The rates for services of ESI VALFREJUS do not include lifts.
We ask that you take out a ticket before the start of classes.

10. Liability

ESI VALFREJUS can not be held responsible for injury or other occurred during the running of the services provided in the legal framework for their exercise.



11. Image rights

ESI gives the permission to publish, display or broadcast the video or photographs, taken by the ESI and representing me.
This authorization is valid for all purposes (publications, website ...)
This authorization is valid indefinitely "
If you do not want to give your consent, please contact us!

12. Conflict

Any dispute under these terms of sale is subject to the French courts and French law.
The French version of this document is the only authentic.