When you enter the SnowPark, read the regulations and safety standards to be observed within the structure, rate your ability, wear a helmet and be safe for you and others!
The helmet is compulsory for all.



(Integrating the tracks settlement)

The snowpark is a ski area reserved for snowboarders and skiers, equipped with jumps, ramps, skirails, moguls, halfpipe (the description of the structures) and aimed at the creation of figures.

Before starting it is mandatory to inspect the structures to assess the difficulties.

To facilitate the use of equipment, as ski slopes, structures were classified by color BLUE = medium difficulty, RED = difficult, BLACK = very difficult.

The user has sole responsibility to evaluate the difficulty of the module with respect to its own capabilities as well as its material and thus to understand the journey with caution.

The use of helmets is compulsory for all, even for adults; it is even advisable to use protections.

The structures must be used by one person at a time.
It is forbidden to stop within the course or in the neighborhood.
If dropped, clear the track as soon as possible.


The user of the snowpark assumes liability for accidents or damage caused to himself or a third party.

Unless otherwise specified, within the Snowpark the current regulation is the same as for the ski slopes (see tracks Regulation).

Management reserves the right to close facilities if necessary and to prohibit its use to those who go by their behavior harmful to themselves or others.

The use of the snowpark as Skiing in general is a sport which involves certain risks.


This activity should be performed with care, caution, aware of his own abilities as well as with a good physical preparation.


To access the snowpark subscribe to a declaration of "becoming aware of the regulation and taking responsibility" is needed.

In an accident, the management of the Company Park and the ski lifts, assume responsibility in any case, even if they organize relief.