Tips for parents


For your children to be placed in the best conditions , thank you to think about :

Equip your child correctly : jacket , hat or cap, mittens , sunglasses, sunscreen, facial tissues .

Wearing a helmet is strongly advised for children on the slopes, mandatory for certain levels. (Competition, freestyle )

The back protector port is also recommended for students in snowboarding.

Avoid the courses and interpellez your child during class.

You let instructors to decide the possible change class .


Your child is on holiday and the goal is that it has to do fun and want to come back , then stick his pace , not looking to make a champion before its time! ..


General recommendations


For proper operation of your course thank you to respect the following rules

Being armed with his card or ticket before coming to a group class or private lessons.

Present or deliver to the monitor at the beginning of each course the card or ticket for the day and time .

Appear at the time to the various assembly points

Being equipped with a ski pass for the courses . Being properly equipped and covered.
No duplicate will be issued in case of loss of the card.

ESI disclaims any liability for property or personal accidents that may occur to students. Weather conditions, failure of mechanical or other accidents lifts can not be attributable to the monitors.